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Oroweat Bread: Win a Prize Pack of Bread!

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Oroweat

I am a bread person. (Yes, you anti-carbs people better duck.) I can go days where I just eat sandwiches. I eat grilled cheese sandwiches or toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, slices of bread with peanut butter or cheese for a snack, and gobble up plenty of bread with my dinner (or hey, I'll just have a sandwich for dinner!) My family is pretty much the same. My husband makes cinnamon-sugar toast as a snack (which my kids will then steal) or will fold a slice of bread over a chunk of chicken. Believe it or not, we sometimes slather bread with chocolate frosting for dessert. It was therefore an easy choice to agree to review Oroweat Dutch Country bread.

Much to my surprise, Oroweat sent not one loaf, but eight to my house. Although I was a bit concerned about how a family of four might get through eight loaves of bread without them getting stale, I need not have been concerned. First off, we have used quite a lot of the bread already - from tasty French toast to a great hamburger-bun alternative. Secondly, the bread has remained fresh and soft since when it arrived. (And no, it doesn't have BHA, BHT, or TBHQ as preservatives; however, it does have other preservatives.)

Oroweat sent their Premium Potato, Extra Fiber, and 100% Whole Wheat breads. All three varieties tout their "smooth texture" which I indeed noticed. These varieties didn't have that heavy, dry feel that some healthful whole-wheat or fiber-added bread has. All three also advertise that they are a good source of calcium, plus vitamins A, D, & E. The Premium Potato and 100% Whole Wheat breads have 15% recommended daily allowance of A, D, and E; the Extra Fiber has 10% RDA of each. All three varieties have 10% RDA of calcium per slice. So that means I just need five sandwiches to get all my calcium for the day - hooray!

I was particularly interested in the "Extra Fiber" bread because I watch what I eat and know that fiber can be filling and slows digestion. Surprisingly, this bead has the lowest calorie count of the three varieties at 90 calories per slice. The other two varieties have 100 calories per slice, which is lower than many of the breads out there, particularly those that are high in fiber or are whole-wheat. I've enjoyed making sandwiches out of both the Extra Fiber and 100% Whole Wheat. The end-result has tasted great and is also healthful.

My family was particularly interested in the Premium Potato. The night we received the bread, my husband made burgers and served them on the potato bread. They made excellent "buns" - delicious, and since the bread slices weren't bulky, it allowed us to taste the burger and our favorite toppings. We repeated the potato-bread-as-bun last night as well. My kids have enjoyed plenty of "heart sandwiches" and peanut butter toast with the potato bread.

The one drawback of the "Premium Potato" is that it contains artificial flavor in addition to the natural flavors. We try to avoid artificial flavor because of my son's dietary sensitivities. The 100% Whole Wheat and Extra Fiber varieties do not list "artificial flavors" on their package ingredient list.

I've frequently picked up the Oroweat "heart healthy" breads (of which the 100% Whole Wheat Dutch Country and Extra Fiber Dutch Country breads belong.) It therefore didn't take me much convincing to enjoy my bunch of bread free-for-review from Oroweat.

Now here's some great news for you: Thanks to BlogHer Reviews and Oroweat, I have an Oroweat Prize Pack featuring a selection of breads to award to one of my readers! (Plus, visit BlogHer's special offers page for a chance to win a $500 grocery gift card!)

To enter, leave me a comment below and tell me What is your favorite sandwich, and what type of Oroweat bread would best go with that sandwich selection? - or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below. The contest will begin at 9:00 a.m. (PST) 10/26/2009 and will end 5:00 p.m. (PST) 11/26/2009. Make sure that the e-mail address you leave is correct.

• No duplicate comments.
• You may receive an additional entry by linking on twitter and leaving a link in the comments.
• You may receive an additional entry by blogging about this contest and leaving a link in the comments.
• This giveaway is open to US-residents, 18 years of age or older
• Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
• You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
• Please see the official rules at BlogHer
• You have a total of 8 chances to win an Oroweat prize packfeaturing a selection of breads from BlogHer Reviewers, plus the chance to win a $500 grocery gift card on the BlogHer.com special offers page!

Good luck! Please check out Oroweat's official site - Thank you to BlogHer and Oroweat for the bounty of breads in my household!

This contest is now closed - thank you all for your entries!


Disclaimer: As noted previously, this review was made possible by BlogHer Reviews and Oroweat. I received eight loaves of bread free-for-review and will receive a small stipend upon completion of the contest. The words above are my own, with the exception of the contest rules and links. My opinions and those of my family are our own and not influenced by any individual or entity. I was not under obligation to write a positive review. I selected this product for review because I was already an Oroweat fan, so figured their Dutch Country bread would be something I'd like - and I did!

Comments (42)


I like roast beef with provolone cheese and I think I would eat it on the potato bread


Plain old Turkey & Swiss w/ mayo! On Potato bread...yum!

Delores Raines:

I have just tried the Potato bread for the
first time. I is great!! I have been having
turkey sandwiches. I like quality bread & this
is definately a quality bread.

Linda V:

I like toasted meat and cheese and my first pick would be the extra fiber bread (I give it to my kids and they like it).

Laura M:

I actually have a few slices left of the Oroweat Dutch Country Extra Fiber bread in my fridge. I purchased it at Albertson's (TX) with a coupon. I also try to find healthy breads that don't contain corn syrups, trans fats, or preservatives so Oroweat fits the bill. I've also purchased their products at Tom Thumb.

This variety tastes very good, toasted or not-toasted. (If you like cinnamon toast, just make up your own sugar & cinnamon combo and sprinkle lightly on the warm bread and use a no-trans-fat vegan spread like Smart Balance.)

My favorite sandwich is an old-fashioned one: Tomato and lettuce.
Ingredients: fresh thin tomato slices from a garden or farm, very thin slices of real sweet Georgia onions and a leaf of crisp Romaine lettuce. Spread Hellman's Canola mayo or Smart Balance mayo on the insides of both pieces of a healthy firm whole grain bread. Sprinkle a dash of Kosher table (White Diamond) salt and black pepper on the tomato slices. Oatmeal, whole wheat, or other whole grain breads make a delicious sandwichs.
(I like most breads except the puffy white stuff.)

Jessie C.:

My favorite sandwich is grilled chicken with cheese, tomato and onion. And I think The 100% Whole Wheat would be the best to make it.

I would love a turkey club on Whole Wheat.

Annette D:

My favorite sandwich is grilled cheese and I like it on whole wheat.

My favorite sandwich is toasted cheese and ham sandwich on potato bread or an oatmeal bread. I like the fact that more breads are coming out with no high fructose corn syrup or other additives. Thanks!!


My favorite sandwich is egg salad with lettuce and tomato. It would go well on toasted Oroweat Oatnut bread.

Randy Bailey:

A grilled ham and cheese is always good


I like ham and cheese with tomatoes


Favorite sandwich: pesto + provolone + roasted red peppers + artichoke hearts, grilled for a few minutes with a panini press! Yum! I'd make it on the 100% Whole Wheat!

The nutty flavor of the whole wheat bread would be perfect for an open-faced tuna melt with cheddar cheese and very crisp bacon!

Turkey, provolone and avocado. And maybe bacon, if I'm feeling crazy. it would be best with the whole wheat, I think.

My Orowheat masterpiece is fresh turkey sliced really thin with Swiss cheese sliced really thick stacked with just-washed butter lettuce between 2 slices of Orowheat whole wheat bread drizzled with a bit of honey. This should be leasurely enjoyed on the veranda with a generous glass of grape, dark red with lots of nose, of course.

Tuna with tomato and jalapeno sliced thin on any of the grainy breads.


I love sourdough grilled cheese and ham sandwiches, with a touch of garlic flavored cheese and dijon mustard with tomato. Yum yum super yum!



Like you, I could eat bread all day. At the moment, I think I'm craving a nice, crispy grilled cheese, with bacon & avocado.

My favorite is PB&J with strawberry jelly. I love wheat bread, so I would say the 100% whole wheat would go best with my peanut butter.

I like to use the oatnut bread for chicken salad sandwiches--with dried cherries, cashews, and dill. Yum!


I'd like the high fiber because we too are watching calories.

Catherine Fox:

Turkey + cranberry sauce + Whole Wheat bread


I love a good vegetable sandwich on potato bread.


My FAVORITE is plain old delicious tomato sandwich (fresh from the garden if possible) on white bread, mayo, lettuce and a dash of salt. Although I love a good wheat bread this one is best on white...Orowheat Buttermilk is a favorite for this sandwich!!! YUMMY!

chesse and tomato - yummy! wheat bread

Tara Hernandez:

I love turkey with bacon, cheese and toasted!! on wheat bread too ;)

Tara, I just looked up and saw your sandwich choice and that is almost exactly what I was going to say!

But mine is turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese toasted on whole wheat bread! Yummy!

Turkey, cheddar, spinach leaves, spicy mustard, and some cucumber slices for an extra crunch on the wheat!

Tomato and sprouts is my favorite. And the tomatoes have to be fresh from the garden.

Lori Jones

Tomato and sprouts is my favorite. And the tomatoes have to be fresh from the garden.

Lori Jones

Julie L:

Oatnut bread, peanut butter and lettuce together for a sandwich -yummy no seriously ;)


I personally love, love, love the Oroweat Sandwich Thins! And I love them with every kind of sandwhich... they have a great flavor, they're not too much bread for a sandwich and I love the chewy texture, too! Yum. Thanks for the chance to win!

I don't know if hummus, broccoli sprouts, and cucumbers would go with the premium potato, but I love potato bread too much not to try.

Lauralee Hensley:

Reuben, but instead of being on Rye I think the Whole grain 9 grain with DHA Bread would be tasty.

Anne G:

My favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly, and I think it would be best on whole wheat.


I love either a good old fashioned pb&j or a turkey and swiss with the toppings (lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, cheese, cucumbers or avocado). YUM!

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