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Where I Wasn't Supposed to Be

spinal_surgery_xray_telephone_appt.jpgScheduler: Do you want a telephone appointment?

Me: Yes! That sounds good.

Scheduler: The doctor can call you at 4pm on Feb 14th - Valentine's Day!

Me: Great!

Scheduler: OK, I've got you down for a telephone appointment at 4pm on 2/14.

Me: OK, sounds good!

Scheduler: Do you want an email reminder? The only thing that is funny about these is that they'll say your appointment is in-office, but really it is a telephone appointment. Do you want the reminder anyway?

Me: Sure, no problem.

Scheduler: Really, don't get confused, because the email will say you are supposed to be in the office, but the doctor will call you at 4pm.

Me: I won't get confused. I have it down: telephone appointment at 4pm on February 14th.

Scheduler: Great. Telephone appointment at 4pm on February 14th. And I'll send you that email reminder. But remember, it is a telephone appointment!


Yesterday: an email stating I have an in-office appointment the next day at 4pm.

Me: I remember! It isn't an in-office appointment; it is a telephone appointment!


Today at 4:00pm: silence
Today at 4:15pm: silence
Today at 4:30pm: silence
Today at 4:45pm: silence
Today at 5:00pm: silence
Today at 5:15pm: silence
Today at 5:30pm: silence
Today at 5:45pm: silence
Today at 6:00pm: silence
Today at 6:15pm: silence
Today at 6:30pm: silence
Today at 6:45pm: silence
Today at 7:00pm: silence

Hmmmmm, I'm starting to think they scheduled me for an in-office appointment.

UPDATE: Apparently the doctor placed the call to a telephone number that does not belong to me. The office has no idea how that happened.

New here? The first of many posts chronicling my spine surgery journey began with an expectation that it wasn't my back at all.

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