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Family Date Night

IMG_1643.JPGIt isn't often that we get a chance to experience something special as a family.

Well, I take that back. We go to hockey on the weekends, which is of course plenty of fun.

But last night we had the opportunity to head out into San Francisco to see The Lion King musical. Not only did this mean some "together time" mid-week (and during the same week as the election, no less!) but our excursion also provided some cultural enrichment.

My poor husband is against musicals, but said he'd go for the good of the family. Still, I think he enjoyed himself. (For someone who says he dislikes musicals, he sings songs from various shows fairly often.) My older son was also a reluctant participant initially, but I caught him very much engaged with the show. He admitted afterwards that he enjoyed it.

One thing I enjoyed was that he held the door open for about twenty Starbucks patrons when we were getting a snack before the show began. I'm raising them to be polite, people! Unfortunately, I had my own moment at Starbucks when I accidentally threw a croissant at another patron. I was juggling three different bags in one hand, and one slipped out violently. I suppose I can now forgive my husband for when he "accidentally" threw beer on me twelve years ago.

My younger son was eager to meet two of the Lion King actors, and happily had his photo snapped with them before the show. He's had quite the year of meeting celebrities, from The Grinch to Olympic gymnasts, and now two amazing actor/dancer/singers. Last night my son also remembered his love for Shirley Temples, and I started a trend around the pre-show lounge by ordering the "Simba's Lemonade" kiddie drink, but telling the bartender to add in some vodka. You are welcome, other mothers!

Disclaimer: SHN provided my family with tickets to The Lion King along with a special pre-show reception. My review of The Lion King is on Spectrum of Reviews.

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