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Susan's Moon

Susan_Nieber.jpgTonight I watched the sun set amongst clouds. I already knew the moon was big and bright for the east coast - I've been comforted by the many images of it from many friends on Facebook - and that its magic sustained as the sun set across the U.S. Susan Niebur's soul in the heavens shone, winking for her friends. I walked with a friend - a wise woman with a scar across her throat from thyroid cancer - as we discussed life, and the everlasting impact of someone like Susan. Her influence on others was tremendous. We are all better for having known her. She educated us about IBC, and opened our eyes to how many of the pink-ribbon organizations out there aren't so helpful. (Perhaps it is fitting that the documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc was just released.) I know that many of us are donating to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization that Susan supported. We cry tonight, and we look skyward tonight. We've lost a friend, but will undoubtedly see her everywhere, as her legacy endures.

See also: Engineering a New Beginning (written April 2010 for Susan)

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The moon was bright and beautiful here too. But I like the picture of Susan you've posted instead.

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