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Cue Whitney Houston

Envision_a_better_world_Camp_Galileo.jpgOh, that's child's play!

All too often, adults laugh at kids splashing in puddles, or turning a cardboard box into a spaceship. Children's creative stories can be a bit too over-the-top, or their imagination seems just a tad annoying when trying to get a straight answer for their dinner preference.

But of course all that enthusiasm and creativity can be tapped for good. The natural curiosity and openness that kids have is a much more hospitable environment to free thinking that some of us adults with our mundane set-in-stone routines. It is cliche that children are our future*, but they indeed are - and we'd better educate them well without shutting off those creative juices.

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* I titled this post before Whitney's death, but decided to keep it, since she was such a force from my childhood. Her lyrics come to mind again and again, because she beautifully sang the truth.

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