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I am [Not] From Canada

Canada_California.jpgI've had websites for a looooong time, longer than many. From the moment I saw that pulsing purple Netscape "N," I've been eager to have my own little virtual place.

When I first started out, I was super hyperlink-happy. If a subject had a website about it, I'd link it. So every other word was highlighted blue (or purple, if someone had visited that site, of course.)

I linked where I had visited, what my favorite subjects were, and so forth. No, I couldn't yet link favorite stores, because this was before e-commerce, and before stores even had a static site to mark their territory. (I wrote to Victoria's Secret after a particularly frustrating mail order situation to offer that I design a website for them so maybe they could communicate and even take orders online! They declined.)

And of course I linked where I was from.

At least, I linked what I thought read where I was from.

I wrote something along the lines of "I am from California, but given my love of hockey, I wish I was from Canada."

I linked "California" and I linked "Canada."

The young man with which I experienced the penny incident is Canadian. At the time I created my site, we hadn't really been in touch much, but I was still "interested" in him, so wanted to make sure my allegiance to Canada was clear, especially since he was in grad school in Toronto at that time. Heh.

A couple months later, I went home for holiday break. After I had been home several days, my mom mentioned my website, and wondered why I found the need to lie about my origins.


Well, I had mis-coded my sentence "I am from California, but given my love of hockey, I wish I was from Canada" such that I didn't close the link for "California." The next bit of text that opened a link was "Canada." The text from "California" until "Canada" was therefore not visible. So, my website read "I am from Canada."

Oh, NO.

I immediately explained that it was a mistake (I still don't know whether my mom believes me) and I ran back to my parents' computer to re-code that section. I worried about whether the Canadian ex-boyfriend had seen the unintentional lie, yet I thought it would be just a bit bizarre to email him out of the blue to ask if he had been checking my website to clarify that I wasn't some kind of crazy, dishonest person.

The irony? I am now paid to find and fix bits of code that cause problems for other people's sites. (But I still kinda wish I were from Canada.)

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I kinda wish I was from Canada too... cool scenery, free health care, and a friend from there says they use fireworks to celebrate EVERYTHING!

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