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HeLa, Dragons, Trees, and More

Susan's surgery
was a success - bye tumors!
Stay gone forever.

Tumors for research
Not HeLa, she is SuNi
(Isn't that college?)


Boys love their dragons
Haven't yet seen the movie
The game suffices.

Before spring break ends
to the cinema we'll go
Let's all be Vikings!

Want to win the game?
Then go to my review blog.
You: Dragon Trainer.


I promised you trees.
Okay, here is a cool one.
My boys are inside:


Disclaimer: The links to my review blog in some cases are for reviews in which I received a free product. That is true for the game for which I am also giving (a NEW copy) away. The book I reference with the HeLa link was purchased with my own money and I have received no compensation for mentioning it, although if someone purchases the book from the Amazon affiliate link on my review site, I will receive a few cents. The Warrior Dash is a race I am participating in, but have not received (nor will I receive) any compensation for mentioning it. I'm just gonna have fun getting muddy!

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