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My First "Medal" - Disney 5K, Complete!

So, you know how I had never gotten a medal?

Well, I just got my Disney 5K medal, but it is actually a soft plastic. Does this mean I have to wait until the Disneyworld Half-Marathon to get an actual "medal?" Hmmm, we'll see.

Woo! I Did it!

In the meantime, I'm definitely glad that I went to the Happiest Place on Earth to run amongst kids, adults, and various characters. It was pretty darn cool to have Dora, Diego, Jimmy Neutron, et al cheering us on. And of course, Mickey and Minnie were there to lend support at the START and congratulate us at the FINISH.

My time was a hair over 39 minutes. I was soaring (or, stumbling) over the checkerboard mat just as 38:59 went to 39:00. It took several minutes to actually reach the START after the official clock started, though, and the first mile was an exercise in passing the walkers while jogging in place, so miles 2 and 3 were faster than 13min/mile. (In this race we didn't have tags to record net time, but in the half-marathon they do.) But really, the time doesn't matter. Because I actually ran the whole darn thing. And that makes me very happy, indeed.

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whoo-hoo! you look great!
i was thinking about you running at the same time that i was running which made me smile just knowing that i wasn't the only one. at my race my time was 33:02. no Dora, Diego, Mickey or Minnie for me (jealous) but my hubs was there to cheer me on.
congrats to you, cant wait for our princess 1/2 marathon!


Given the composition of some of the medals I won doing track, I think yours is probably just as legit. Hell, weren't the medals at the winter olympics a couple years ago made of crystal or something?

That is freaking fantastic, woman!



Wow Kari, you look great! Glowing with fitness! :) Congrats on your medal :).

YAY KARI! Way to go!

Stimey Author Profile Page:

Rock on! Way to go!


Way to go!

Yay! Proud of you! And all this positive role modeling ... I may have to start getting in shape myself soon!

хаха жжёте я аж возбудилась (;

So you're going to be my friend in NYC right? RIGHT?
Because otherwise we'll be all alone and lonely, well, maybe you won't but I will.
I'll make you a metal medal! (Okay, no but I would if I could!)

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