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New York Fall Fashion Week

Yeah, so I won a trip to New York thanks to my son's design skills. While there, I met some people with whom you might be familiar:

Project Runway Designers and Models Cast Pics   ME! and Althea Harper

ME! and Malvin Vien   Carol Hannah Whitfield, ME, Mitchell Hall and Christopher Straub

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and you can imagine how I swooned and OMG!ed and basically had "I LOVE you" on repeat coming out of my mouth as I met Project Runway designers and models (and folks like Nina Garcia - squee!) So I won't recap that in excruciating detail, although you can peruse my whole set of pics to get the feel. Let's just say it is quite surreal to watch a show on a large television screen along with the people pictured in said show.

As for New York, the stories involve how a lady dropped a blanket on my head accidentally, and how the flight attendant on my way back asked me, "Just ONE?" when I requested an alcoholic beverage.

And the $1000 omelet that I thought the hotel people were joking about when I checked in, but upon reading the breakfast menu, saw there was indeed an omelet for $1000 (with caviar.) I ordered the Crepes Suzette instead.

Although I only drove through my old neighborhood briefly, it was nice to be back in New York City, even for a day.

It was a whirlwind trip, but the experience of a lifetime.

(Get it... Lifetime?)

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Hey Kari!

It was so awesome meeting you! Sorry it was all so brief, but I loved it. It was a blast hanging out and experiencing it all together! Oh, and I'm SO jealous that you got a picture with Carol Hannah! I predicted her to win but never got the guts to go and ask for a picture.

Anyway, loved hanging out! Awesome post! Muah!


JEALOUS!!!! but with that amazing design you and your son put together, it was well deserved. oh this makes me so excited for BlogHer next summer...finally, my 1st and also my 1st trip to NYC.

Dude, totally cool!

Fabulous! What a great trip. I loved your black and white and pink outfit!

Wow- you are a city mouse! A fashion maven.... I'm afraid we are of the Crocs set here :)
Cool pics- you DO look happy!

Awesome! I'm so glad you won, you're such a Project Runway fan!! Plus you looked fabulous in that outfit at BowlHer.

Looks like you had a blast. I love that you include pics of the flowers and room service, too. Very much the full experience!

Malvin is adorable, can I adopt him?

I had the french toast. OMG the french toast!
So fun to be there with you. And sorry I got lost on the way back to the hall of mirrors.

Yayyy! So thrilled for you that you got to do this! I loved seeing your photos.


I know nothing of Project Runway, but it sounds like it was very cool!

kal Author Profile Page:

Green here! How did I miss all of this? Loved the pics, love runway, loved your outfit... congrats!

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